• Uniqueness

    I hear more and more people asking me: "What's your secret on getting all the press? What's the best way to get "in"?" And I answer:  "Believe it or not… People just LOVE MY BAGS. They think, they are unique. I don’t have a PR firm. Sometimes I think, I should get a PR firm, but I don’t like it. So much money spend for what? Yes, I would probably have much more sales. But somehow, I want to keep it real.  People just discover my designs/our bags little by little and than they fall in love. They see the product and see the design and feel the love and the hard work we put into it. I think, it just speaks for itself. We are real. I love people. Love my work. I think, we are all unique. Thank you dear World and client out there. Thanks for recognizing us. Thanks for spreading the joy and love and feel fabulous wearing the bags. They are as unique as you are. 

    By the way, I love to do special orders, special design, personalize them with your monogram. 

    Please feel free to email me, if you have a special request for your or your love one:


    Enjoy the summer and thanks for spreading the word about dutzi! 

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