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dutzi workshop

In 2009 Ariane Dutzi started the dutzi workshop in Valladolid, Yucatan. It is a place where men and women meet, work together and learn the basic rules of entrepreneurship. It was important for Ariane Dutzi not only to give people work, but to encourage and empower them. The men and women working for dutzi design need only to come to the workshop for training, pick up the materials and deliver the handcrafted bags. The craftsmen and craftswomen are free to work from home and are paid per bag they make. Your purchase will give more work to more indigenous people and enable them not only to provide for their families, but also strengthen the community in which they live and work.
Dutzi is committed to take care of the planet, this is the reason why we chose to use only natural or recycled materials. The main material, symbol of dutzi is the jute. This is the origin of the brand, as the first material used. 
Besides, being based in Mexico, to use jute is a kind of tribute to the country as it is a material used for centuries to carry coffee, and seems of all kinds. 
The second symbol of dutzi are the colors, Ariane loves to use shiny colors, once again, it is a kind of gratitude to Mexico where cities are full of colors. Straps on our bags are made of mecapal it is an ancient material that was used by Indians of Mexico to carry heavy loads. This material is not used anymore and the ancient knitting technique is almost lost. But one is remaining is Valladolid, they are local communities of Mayan people working here and we have the chance to work with them.