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Ariane Dutzi is not only the founder and designer for dutzi design, but she is also a breast cancer survivor.

Dutzi Design supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Late 2017 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I still remember that day like it was yesterday. It was a beautiful autumn day in Paris. I was there to visit my friends and took advantage to see my gynocologist, who knows me since 35 years. I felt well. I was happy.  Happy to be with my friends. Happy to be in the city I love so much. And out of the blue the unexpected happened.  A week later I was at the lab and the doctor wanted to see me. And that’s when you hear what you don’t want to hear : “I saw something, a dark point…. I don’t like it…. We have to talk like adults here….

And than at this moment you just know, life will never be the same like it was before.

Cancer it’s not like anything else you can get. And all the ones who  have it, survived it and their friends and families, they know.

I was lucky. Very, very lucky. Because we caught it early. I am fine now. But it was a rather long way.

I am so grateful, that I survived. Grateful for the friends who helped me and supported me. Extremly grateful for all the medical team, doctors, nurses, researchers, who helped me and so many others.

This bag I designed for you and for all the women, who have to go through it.
I want to give you something beautiful to can carry around when you have to go to your appointments. Something, which hopefully will make you feel a bit better.

 Dutzi partners with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Dutzi partners with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

20% of your purchase will be donated to the BCRF. Thank you so much for the work they do.

Bless you all.

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Get to know more about the great work that the BCRF is doing by visiting this link:


Dutzi partners with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation